As a Developer, I was looking for the cheapest solution to make my Tech. Blog As this blog will be useful for sharing my knowledge only.Since last few weeks, I was looking for the solution to make it happen.So as my first priority I have to choose What should I use which have fastest in terms of speed, cheapest in terms of cost and of course SEO friendly.

My first Solution is Use Siteleaf for static site generation and github as hosting.

Everything is working fine until I come across one situation like generating tag pages, to generate tag pages automatically I had selected Tagging Plugin which is perfect as per my need.This plugin is working fine in my local but it is not working on GitHub.After more research, I came to know that GitHub uses only whitelisted Jekyll plugin which I have to use website and unfortunately tagging plugin is not available to generate my static website.

I had also ask tagging question to siteleaf guys and they told me that custom plugin available in “Team” Plan. :D

Again after doing more R&D I came to know that gitlab is providing same with lot of features. i.e. on the fly build.So I had changed github to gitlab and all pages working awesome.

Now one another Idea came in my mind that, How about adding admin panel in the Static website just like a dynamic website? Sounds Crazy right? but it is possible, Yes you read it correctly…. :)

I came across Forestry which is similar to siteleaf but having 1 awesome feature like deploying admin panel in the website.

In Next post, I will write how I had deployed this static website using admin panel.